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Validate your idea


Evaluate and validate your business idea 

You have an idea in mind. Maybe for a short time, maybe longer. You think it’s a great idea, you talk about this with other people. Life goes on. If you started developing that amazing idea without a strategy, and it didn’t work at the beginning you might think it’s not worth pursuing it. Maybe you just needed a partner, a plan, a strategy.

If you are really committed to an idea, give yourself the opportunity to evaluate its potential.

  1. We will validate your business idea
  2. We will align business and personal values
  3. You will learn to ask yourself the right questions to understand if the business that you are designing is aligned with the lifestyle you want for yourself. If the answer is yes, you will have a winner strategy.

We will work simultaneously with business and personal development tools, to get the best answers for you.


Sell your services or products

Once your idea is validated we will step into the next phase: selling.

Many people prefer to delegate this to others, I will give you the tools so you can do it yourself, and enjoy the process as much as I do. We will create a new business development strategy for your company, aligned with your personal style, so you can start selling your services or products as soon as possible. If you have an existing venture, and you would like to boost sales, this can apply to you as well.



Sessions take place twice a month, most often happen online, and they are held in English, Spanish or French.

I provide individual and group sessions. Please contact me and I will send you all the information.

Looking forward to working together!