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When defining what you want you have to choose, and to choose is to renounce, that’s why it is so difficult to make important decisions and sometimes we get stuck, losing time, motivation and energy.

Define what makes you thrive, which project you decide to commit for and what are you willing to let go in order to succeed. 

Through our work you will get to know yourself better, while we will explore your present situation, your values, your beliefs, your ressources, your desires and your environment.

Expected results:

  • To gain personal and professional awareness: understanding the way you function, in all your life areas.
  • Defining your values, which is a key and fascinating work that will guide you in all your personal and professional quests.
  • Defining your needs
  • Getting a clear understanding of where you are standing today, your ressources, challenges and environment.
  • To be able to choose between many projects and ideas you might have, so you start working on one. This will allow you to focus and save a lot of time and energy.


Once you have defined what you want, you are ready to start working on your professional project. We will create a strategy and an action plan, that works great for you, so you give yourself all the means to succeed in your goals.

Expected results: 

  • Learning to set smart ambitious yet achievable objectives, that are in line with your values and needs.
  • To create a work structure: when you have too many ideas and projects on your mind you might feel overwhelmed, not knowing where to start or when to finish researching. This will help you avoid procrastination and confusion, and you will gain energy and motivation.
  • That you choose and you prioritize your ideas and projects.
  • Defining a short and long term strategy and action plan to make your project succeed.
  • To keep the right mindset, the motivation and the focus, through the process, so you can enjoy it!

Personal presentation

Presenting yourself with confidence and assertiveness

Whether you are a freelancer, a founder or a employee, if you don’t communicate effectively your talents to the world, they will never get to know you. We will work on how to present yourself and your work in any context with confidence, and in a clear and attractive way.

We work on your professional image for the world:

  • Revamping your CV and making the most of your LinkedIn profile
  • Review of your website and all your social presence
  • Creating a powerful personal and professional pitch
  • Developing a strategic networking
  • Preparing for all kind of professional interviews

Opening doors

Investing in my personal development is the best decision I have made in order to advance and grow, both personally and professionally. I have opened a door to my inner self, acknowledging, understanding and accepting who I am, my needs and dreams with honesty and courage. Since then, I have been using different coaching tools to keep opening doors for me and for passionate women who want to gain confidence and to advance to a fulfilled personal and professional life.


Sessions take place once a week or twice a month, most often happen by skype or in person if you are in Paris (Paris 5ème), for 60 minutes, and they are held in English, Spanish or French.

Your investment will vary depending on the length of the programme you choose.

My coaching & consulting offer is bespoke and tailored to suit your individual needs, so please contact me to discuss possibilities. I will be happy and honored to meet you!