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Integrating coaching and consultancy, I ask you questions to enable your awareness and perspective so you can find the best answers for you, while putting at your service concrete tools that I have personally tested to make you advance in your career.



That you advance in your career whether it is in the same company, whether it is to find another position, with confidence and maintaining personal balance.

Real examples of career coaching objectives:

  • Finding a job that I love.
  • Regain authority in my current job after a long maternity leave.
  • Move abroad to develop my artistic career.
  • Improve my CV and LinkedIn profile.
  • To ace my job interviews.
  • Feel confident when I pitch myself and my work.
  • I have a non traditional career and I don’t know how to make my CV so it makes sense for others.
  • I’m quitting my job and I want to be accompanied to decide which would be the next step.
  • I want to change my career and cannot decide between all the possible options.
  • I’m stuck in my career and don’t know what to do.
  • I always got my jobs through connections and it’s the first time I need to contact recruiters. I need help preparing my dossier from zero.
  • To learn to have difficult conversations at work, with my team and my manager.



Based on my own experience as an entrepreneur and having worked for startups and different kind of companies as a new business developer; we work together with two objectives in mind: your financial success and your personal balance.

Real examples of entrepreneurs objectives:

  • Know myself better (needs, values, strengths and challenges).
  • To define if I want to be an entrepreneur.
  • To gain or maintain life balance.
  • To keep the motivation while having a full time job and developing an entrepreneurial project at the same time.
  • To be more efficient, to procrastinate less and do more.
  • As an expat, I need help to settle my solopreneur business in Paris. 
  • I want to dare and understand how to sell myself and my work.
  • I have too many business ideas and I’m overwhelmed, I don’t know what to do or where to start.
  • To communicate better with my team.
  • I just moved in and I want to start a new life and career. I need help with the strategy to do all that.
  • To improve my networking skills.
  • To learn to express my emotions better.
  • To improve my time organization.

Key to a successful coaching

Coaching can take as many sessions as you need. The important thing is that before you start you are honest with yourself. As anything you do in life, what you invest is what you get. A Coach does not provide magical solutions, it is a teamwork where we both engage and are responsible for its success.

You will get better results by taking responsibility during the process and by giving yourself the means to succeed.


  • Each individual session lasts 1:30 hour and takes place regularly, the pace will depend on your needs.
  • The sessions are held at an agreed location in Paris,on Skype, or a mix of both.
  • I coach in English, Spanish and French

Investing in yourself

Sometimes a small step becomes a key step in your life!

Coaching and personal development changed my life, and that’s why I use this tool to work with women who want to work for their projects and dreams.

If you would like to book a first session, or to talk with me to see if this is what is best for you at this time, please write me an email to coordinate one first call without any commitment.