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Objective: learning to sell yourself and your offer with confidence and assertiveness

Expected results:

  • Creating a CV and a LinkedIn profile that takes you where you want
  • Understanding how to benefit from LinkedIn
  • Creating an exceptional personal and professional pitch
  • Learning how to reach new contacts and to develop your network without being pushy and feeling confident
  • Preparing your job interviews and negotiation meetings
  • Getting out of your comfort zone, making decisions, advancing
  • Understanding your strengths and how to overcome your challenges
  • Learning how to selling yourself and your services with pride and according to your style and personality


Objective: Defining your project + creating and developing an action plan to succeed.

Expected results:

  • To transition from employee to entrepreneur with confidence and with a pragmatic plan
  • To define and choose the project you want to develop
  • To define objectives that are accurate and realistic
  • To create and action plan so you can succeed in developing your project in the long term
  • To keep the motivation, the mindset and the energy all the way through your entrepreneurial project
  • To focus more in order to advance faster
  • To be satisfied with your accomplishments
  • To maintain your life-work balance
  • To work on creativity to better develop your business

Investing in your coaching

Coaching is a process which requires time. As anything you do in life, what you invest is what you get. A Coach does not provide magic solutions, instead it is a teamwork where we both the coach and you engage and are responsible for its success. You will get better results by taking responsibility during the process and by giving yourself the means to succeed.


  • Each individual session lasts 1:15 hr.
  • Investments: 80 € per session
  • Sessions take place regularly and the pace will depend on your needs.
  • They are held mainly online or face to face if you are in Paris.
  • I work in English, Spanish and French

The entrepreneurial journey

My mission is to inspire, guide and empower you to accomplish your business projects and goals in the long term. To be accountable and walk with you through your entrepreneurial journey. To give you the tools that will make you succeed.

If you would like to book a session, or to talk to see if I can help you, please write me to coordinate one first call without any commitment. I’ll be honored to meet you and to know your story.