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Life coaching is a continuous professional relationship that helps you to achieve results in your personal or professional life. The objective of the coaching process is to deepen your self-knowledge (defining and prioritizing what you want), increase your performance (learning to handle real or potential obstacles) and improve your quality of life (obtaining fulfillment by achieving your goals ).
It is a profound, enriching and transforming process.

Examples of motivations to do a coaching

  • To find clarity and perspective
  • To unblock a situation
  • To get into action with confidence
  • To make a decision
  • To achieve a personal or professional goal
  • To accomplish something that you haven’t been able to do alone
  • To define your priorities and objectives

Keys to a successful coaching

Coaching is an enriching process in which both the client and the coach engage and are responsible for the process success.

I always advice to engage a certified coach. Why? Because you will be working with a professional who is using a methodology that has been proved and who follows a strict code of ethics. Then, as in all professions you will search until you find the right one, but at least you have the guarantee that someone has evaluated the capacity of this individual in order to be a coach.

On your side, your personal commitment is essential. You will get results by making your coaching a priority, taking responsibility during the process and giving you the means to invest in your success. You are responsible for your own evolution and only you know when it’s the time to make a change or to take action.


If you want to create new opportunities within your current job, if you are in a career transition, if you want a new job, to work on your strengths, or if you want a change and you do not even know where to start, I can help you.

We will blend coaching with practical sessions in order to work on your personal and professional story, your strengths and talents and your challenges, so you can be well prepared and confident in the search of future opportunities that suit you better.

This service includes:

– Career and talent coaching
– Creation of CV and Linkedin profile
– Preparation of job interviews including role play sessions
– Intercultural communication – preparing yourself to work with other cultures


  • Each individual session lasts 60 minutes
  • Each session takes place once every 7 to 15 days, depending on your pace
  • Sessions are held on Skype or at an agreed location in Paris
  • Languages: English, Spanish and French

Would you like to make the first step?

If you are looking for a change, if you would like to know yourself better or you feel you need to advance faster coaching can help you.

Would you like to book a session or to know more about me or my method? Please write me an email to coordinate our first call without any commitment.

I will be happy to hear from you!