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It is a blend of Coaching + Consultancy for female founders and working women

As a coach, I ask you questions to enable your awareness and perspective so you can find the answers in yourself. As a consultant I give you concrete advice to advance in your career, based on my professional and personal experience.

What are the expected results?

That you advance in your career faster, with more confidence and without neglecting yourself or your life balance.

Examples of my clients’ career coaching objectives:

  • Finding another job that is more inline with my values
  • Finding a job where I can feel happy
  • Make a strategy to advance in my current job
  • Move abroad and develop my artistic career
  • I need mentoring to settle my solopreneur business in Paris
  • I need to learn to sell myself and my work
  • I have too many business ideas and I’m overwhelmed, I don’t know what to do or where to start
  • I can’t focus and organize my thoughts
  • I need create a CV and LinkedIn profile that reflects truly who I am
  • I want help to prepare my job interviews
  • I want to feel confident when I present myself and my work
  • I have a non traditional career and I don’t know how to make my CV so it makes sense.
  • I want to create a powerful pitch
  • I’m quitting my job and I want to be accompanied to decide the next step


This is a process that focuses on all areas of your life and allows you to:

  • Know yourself better (your needs, values and strengths)
  • Gain life balance
  • Get out from a situation where you feel blocked
  • Define your life priorities
  • Make an important decision
  • Identify and overcome blocking and limiting beliefs that might prevent you from achieving your goals
  • Advance faster towards your goals and projects
  • Go from procrastination to action

Examples of my clients life coaching objectives:

  • Increase my self-confidence
  • Communicate better with my partner
  • Overcoming the fear of moving abroad to start a new life and career
  • Love myself more
  • Find my ideal place to live
  • Improve my social life
  • Define what I want for my life
  • I have often to many ideas and I can’t start with anyone
  • I have difficulties making decisions
  • I feel lost and I’m not sure why
  • I want to learn to express my emotions in a better way

Keys to a successful coaching

Coaching can be an enriching process when both the client and the coach engage and are responsible for its success.

You will get better results by making your coaching a priority, taking responsibility during the process and giving you the means to succeed. You are responsible for your own personal evolution and if you feel it’s time for you to make a change or to take action, then working with a coach will give you results.


  • Each individual session lasts 75 minutes
  • Each session takes place once every 7 to 15 days, depending on your pace
  • Sessions are held on Skype, at an agreed location in Paris, or a mix of both
  • Languages: English, Spanish and French

Would you like to make the first step?

Sometimes a small step becomes an important step in your life!

Would you like to book a session? Or maybe to talk with me to see if this is what is best for you at this time? Please write me an email to coordinate one first call without any commitment.

I will be honored to meet you.