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Career Coaching


That you perform an activity (whichever it is) that is aligned with your values and your desires.

Examples of career coaching objectives:

  • Orientation: finding or creating a job that I love.
  • Defining which kind of job could I perform to be happy.
  • Creating a CV and a LinkedIn profile that makes me proud.
  • Working on my personal pitch
  • Being confident and assertive at my job interviews.
  • Getting out of my comfort zone, making decisions with confidence.
  • Moving abroad in order to develop my dream career.
  • To know myself better

Coaching for Entrepreneurs


Project definition and mindset. That you define what you want to do and that you achieve your goals in the long term.

Examples of entrepreneurs objectives:

  • To transition from employee to entrepreneur with confidence and with a plan.
  • To work on my values so I can present them through my work and project.
  • To  define the kind of business I want to have.
  • To define if I want to be an entrepreneur or if this is just a phase.
  • To maintain life balance and a good level of energy.
  • To keep the motivation all the way through my entrepreneurial project.
  • To develop my creative side.
  • To focus, to procrastinate less and do more.
  • To dare to sell myself and my work.
  • To choose between many business ideas.
  • To improve my networking skills.
  • To know myself better

Investing in your coaching

Coaching is a process which requires time. As anything you do in life, what you invest is what you get. A Coach does not provide magic solutions, instead it is a teamwork where we both the coach and you engage and are responsible for its success.

You will get better results by taking responsibility during the process and by giving yourself the means to succeed.


  • Each individual session lasts 1:30 hour and takes place regularly, the pace will depend on your needs.
  • The sessions are held at an agreed location in Paris, on Skype, or a mix of both.
  • I coach in English, Spanish and French

Daring to go further

Making a pause, taking time for you, thinking about things with a different perspective, giving yourself the chance to go as far as you dreamed. This is what I propose to you.

Coaching and personal development changed my life, and that’s why I use these tools with my clients to inspire and empower them to accomplish their projects and goals.

If you would like to book a session, or to exchange to see if I can help you, please write me an email to coordinate one first call without any commitment. I’ll be honored to meet you and to know your story.