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Women at work #2

A selection of articles, stories and resources in English & French, to inspire and empower active working women.


My selected article for July

New Zealand approved paid leave for victims of domestic violence  New Zealand has granted victims of domestic violence 10 days paid leave to allow them to leave their partners, find new homes and protect themselves and their children.

We are finally acknowledging and addressing taboo society problems and realizing that ignoring the topic will not magically solve it or make it disappear. It made me think why such law didn’t exist before and how we missed considering this crucial subject? An example to follow.


Viral video of the month. Watch the inspiring Elin Ersson’s delaying a plane to stop a man from being deported — Opinions are divided on this topic. I see the fire that every activist has inside, that comes from the anger of watching what they believe to be an injustice, happening repeatedly. And I see the strong will of an idealist and compassionate human trying to change the status quo and fighting for her ideals. Does Elin represent the kind of new leaders we need to make our world a better place? More about her here.

The story of GLOW — The Glorious Women of Wrestling. Why many of us are fans? Because this show features all kind of imperfect, funny, real women, like you and me, wrestling like men. And they are powerful and inspiring. I saw them evolving from season 1, when they literally start wrestling, to season 2 and their progress is remarkable! Moreover it’s featured in the 80’s and inspired in a true story.

Découvre Sarah Gysler — une française de 23 ans, qui a déjà parcouru le monde “sans un sou en poche — Elle partage des expériences incroyables sur son blog et signe un roman d’apprentissage où elle raconte comment la route l’a sauvée.


The rise of women who work remotely: flexibility is the future — In today’s workplace, employees are looking for flexibility. Will companies evaluate their practices and follow the trend?

Five ways to boost your career goals this summer — Take some time to prepare yourself for September, with these good tips.

Making Big Data work for women — In order to better respond to the needs of women in the workplace, many organizations are creating gender-disaggregated data. More and better data makes issues count; it helps inform the policies, programming, and practices that drive impact. This is a great initiate and your organization can be part of it.

Depuis 2004, en France, le label “Égalité professionnelle” récompense les entreprises et les structures publiques exemplaires  Selon l’article publié dans, “ce label est surtout une belle étiquette qui, une fois décollée, ne fait plus du tout rêver.” Votre opinion?

Health & Lifestyle

Hot in the City  On surviving, recovering from and preventing burnout from our stressed-out city lifestyles.— by Dr. Andrea Pennington.

Books & films

LEAPFROG — The new revolution for women entrepreneurs — A book written by Nathalie Molina Niño, founder and CEO of BRAVA Investments. Here she shares entrepreneurs’ best secrets in the form of 50 “leapfrogs” — for entrepreneurs who don’t have family money, cultural capital, or connections. Coming out in August.

The breadwinner, Parvana — This movie featuring the story of a brave girl trying to save her father from the Talibans, touched my heart. It’s exudes beauty, truth and humanity. It doesn’t let us forget that some women still live under precarious conditions. It makes us remember why we still fight for women’s rights.


“I didn’t get there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it.” – Estée Lauder


I hope you enjoyed the selection!