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Carina Greweling

www. – Paris & Barcelona

I’m so fortunate to have crossed paths with Marianela. Not only did she share her many useful ideas  with me, she also showed me how to set my company in France. When I reached Paris, I had no clue how to do that and not speaking French, all the communication with the authorities was really difficult for me. She overtook that part, lead me through the jungle of paperwork and supported my marketing strategy.

Marian’s mentoring style is clear, direct and result orientated. Exactly what I needed and helped to start and set-up everything here. I would definitely recommend Marian’s professional coaching services. When you’re ready for your next step, she will welcome you warmly. Thank you very much!

Carrie So Laika – Paris & Hong Kong

Marianela has been a great motivator to get me and my digital consulting business going. I have millions of ideas and got stuck at one point with self-doubt and frustration. She opened up my perspective and get me back on track!

She is both inspiring and practical. She also holds me accountable so that I have to proceed with my plan and goals. Can’t wait to share my success with her.

Aurore Rominger – Paris

I unequivocally recommend Marianela for her business development coaching. I haven’t met anyone who 1. Possesses the skill set to impart the synthesis of knowledge, and 2. Optimises intuition and wisdom based in experiences, within the breadth of perspectives in the realms in which she functions. She is multicultural multilingual, and continuously explores discovers learns, the most current and successful strategies in business development balanced with personal growth, and brings tools to her clients to integrate for success.

With Marianela’s guidance, after a year of solo struggle, I successfully launched a project that had been missing a few steps to grow it to fruition. Be assured, no matter the theme, Marianela can help you as well. If you could use support to clarify strategies and as you construct your vision of: A project in mind to begin, A business in progress to grow, or An idea to create from zero, Marianela will assist you to prioritise, refine, polish, project, and perfect strategies for an actionable plan for success.

Melissa Sarrazin

Relationship Manager Luxury Sector – Paris & Goa

Marianela and I hit it off right off the bat. She is a warm, inviting, highly developed individual and has been a great help to me, in the transition phase of my career. The fact she is committed to constantly honing in new skills, definitely gives her an edge in implementing highly effective techniques in both coaching, and career development. Marianela shines in her job. I highly recommend her.

Estelle Zibi 

Production Manager, Freelance – Paris

Marianela was a remarkable coach. She is a gentle, smiling and caring woman who could understand me very well and make me progress. She is a real ray of sunshine! It was a great pleasure and very enriching to work alongside her. I highly recommend her!

Ainhoa de Eguia – Bilbao

I contacted Marianela to help me shape my services offer. Her experience and her pragmatic look helped me a lot when structuring my offer. Marianela gives you a lot of freedom when working with her, she respect your rhythm. She offers you guidelines, she ask you, leaving you the time you need to achieve the results you are looking for. Always with the right amount of contact to know that you are being followed-up and not alone. I highly recommend her

Audrey Marty 

Country Manager, Power Data – Geneva

Marianela is a welcoming and respectful professional who knows how to guide us along professional and personal paths when we want to make changes (professional orientation, expatriation).

She brings us, by the methods she masters, as well as by her listening and empathy to ask ourselves the right questions so that we can act and make the right decisions for ourselves according to our real needs, strengths, and unconscious desires.

Therefore, I highly recommend Marianela’s services to anyone who is about to make important choices and who is afraid of making certain decisions.