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Daring to pursue a professional dream

“Coaching helped me to deblock a personal situation that I hadn’t been able to change for 15 years. When the process was finished I moved abroad with my family, in order to develop my artistic career in my country and to accomplish a long time dream.”

Changing jobs

“I realized that my present job doesn’t correspond to my values and needs and that’s why I felt so unhappy. When the coaching finished I had a realistic action plan in order to find another job.”

Advancing in my business

“Thank you again, it really has helped me to focus. I am taking it lightly, clarity and desire by the ton, yet knowing as you remarked in your last note, with a broad splash of allowing the Universe to bring about the how!”

Personal awareness

“I started the coaching process with the objective of finding a job I liked, only to realize that there was another priority in my life: learn how to managed conflict. Along our work I realized I was conditioned by my family beliefs and values and that I wanted to change this. Coaching opened a new door for a positive change that I will continue after the coaching finishes.”

Living according to my own values and needs

“The sessions helped me to concentrate on myself, allowing me to clarify my ideas and my desires instead of focusing on what the others wanted for me. I also learnt to be aware that there is no “wrong way” to do things, just different ways.”


“It gave me the courage to move forward, to connect the dots and find a new activity that is more aligned with me and my values.”


“I was very overwhelmed and energy drained, having many business ideas to start my next project. Our work helped me to prioritize and focus on one idea in order to advance, and to choose with confidence without having the feeling that I don’t know what I’m doing or why.”