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A process by which a certified coach accompanies you, using a specific posture, different personal development tools and a tested method, that allows you to get to know yourself better, to define and prioritize your goals and to act in order to achieve your objectives. It’s a deep, enriching and transformational process. The coach objective is that once you finish the process you become more autonomous in the search of knowledge and life balance.

When the Coach is certified, she/he follows a deontology and a method that has been tested and that is recognized by associations and professional organizations.


Coaching is a process that needs time. It’s impossible to know in advance how long a coaching will be. Some objectives, will require a few sessions and others require a longer process.

The duration is always defined according to your needs.


Each individual session lasts between 1 hr and 1:30 hr and takes place every one to two weeks. It can be in person, online or a mix of both.

During the sessions, I ask questions to enable your reflection and awareness, so you can identify yourself new perspectives and solutions to improve your present situation.

Between each session I propose you to do exercises and actions that you are invited to implement, always advancing in the direction of your objective.

Our mutual goal is that you define and accomplish what you are looking for, that you gain life balance and fulfillment and that you become autonomous and confident, facing the challenges of your life.


  • Coaching is action oriented.
  • Coaching focuses more on the present and the future.
  • The coach objective is that you become autonomous to find the answers and resources in yourself.
  • Coaching is a process where both the coach and the client are responsible and engaged and they are at the same level. It is a collaboration.
  • Coaching does not treat psychological problems or pathologies and it does not heal.


Every time I finish a coaching process I ask my clients to give me a personal testimony and a public one for the website or the LinkedIn profile if they wish to. These are some of the personal (and therefore anonymous) testimonies that my clients wrote:

  • “Coaching helped me to deblock a personal situation that I hadn’t been able to change for 15 years. When the process was finished I moved abroad with my family, in order to develop my artistic career in my country and to accomplish a long time dream.”
  • “Coaching helped me realize that my present job doesn’t correspond to my values and needs and that’s why I felt so unhappy. When the coaching finished I had a realistic action plan in order to find another job.”
  • “I achieved my objective of gaining self-confidence and now I love myself more. It’s not always easy, but now I have the tools to continue the road alone.”
  • “I started the coaching process with the objective of finding a job I liked, only to realize that there was another priority in my life: learn how to managed conflict. Along our work I realized I was conditioned by my family beliefs and values and that I wanted to change this. Coaching opened a new door for a positive change that I will continue after the coaching finishes.”
  • “The sessions helped me to concentrate on myself, allowing me to clarify my ideas and my desires instead of focusing on what the others wanted for me. I also learnt to be aware that there is no “wrong way” to do things, just different ways.”
  • “It helped me to focus in one idea in order to advance in my project and to choose with confidence between many business ideas I had.”
  • “It gave me the courage to move forward, to connect the dots and find an activity that is more aligned with me and my values.”


Choosing a coach is very personal and everyone does it in a different way. I can tell you how I choose a coach myself.

Usually I ask a recommendation or I find them doing internet research. First I check that the coach has a certification. Being myself certified, I understand the importance of having a method an a deontology and I don’t like improvisation when I’m investing in my future! I check how long the person studied, if she took courses afterwards and how many clients she coached.

About location I don’t mind where the coach lives as I like online coaching and I find interesting having coaches with different mindsets and approaches.

Then I check the person professional background in LinkedIn, the coach website to read her offer, her clients’ testimonies and her story.

When I think I find my match I ask for a first talk to see if the person can help me with my objective and if I feel comfortable with her.

Coaching is an investment of time and money, so I take my time to find the right person.


Like in any relationship, we will need to exchange to know if we are a good fit. My proposition: let’s organize a call without any commitment, to introduce ourselves, and talk about you, your objectives and expectations, so I can honestly tell you if I can help you and we can both decide if we want to work together.


Please email me or let’s organize a call, I’ll be happy to talk to you!