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About me

I’m a certified coach, business developer, traveler, nature lover, originally from Montevideo and fond of all the cities where I lived.

When I had to choose a career entering University, I studied diplomacy, because I wanted to travel. I later left Uruguay for Chile, and started working as a corporate business developer for different projects and companies. Spain,Australia, Switzerland and France followed, where I live now.

When still living in Switzerland something personal happened that turned my world upside down, and I took the decision to work independently. My professional change was the consequence of many personal reasons, but also because I needed to feel passion at work again.

I had been very interested in the topic of gender equality for a long time and I felt that I wanted to contribute in a more direct way. So I decided to combine my expertise in business development with personal development tools, to help women advance faster and better their ventures.

My motivation today remains the same: to reveal the leadership that I know very woman has, so they can be where they want and have what they deserve.


Even though the term Coaching can be confusing and not everyone will understand what it means, I can honestly say that Coaching and personal developments tools changed my life as it has guided me to a profound and continuous personal growth. 

And according to my own experience when facing challenges, the questioning proposed by coaching, can give new perspectives, can open conversations and doors and can help a person advance to an extent she didn’t even imagine.

Advancing women leadership 

I have been interested in the topic of gender equality before I knew it was called like this. I experienced and witnessed so many unfair situations concerning women rights in every single city I lived, that I can’t think or feel otherwise.

I constantly wonder when will be the day when I can see at least the same amount of women than men in leadership positions, both in politics and in the private sector. I want to live in a world where I feel represented. It is time for women to take space, to make their voices heard, to participate in decisions that shape the world and to participate in making this planet good for itself.

My message

If you want to change something or to pursue a dream or a project, please do it without thinking about your age. The time is always right when the desire exists and if you wait, you can wait forever.

Live according to your desires and not according to what others expect from you.

Make your happiness a priority

Pursue your financial freedom.

Get out of your confort zone

Look for help when you need it, it means you are courageous