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Short bio

I coach and mentor women, who want to advance in their professional career, whether they are employees or founders.

My main goal is to enhance and reveal the leadership in every woman, to give visibility to women leaders and to expand the presence of women in decision making roles in order to contribute to a more inclusive, emphatic and representative world leadership.

Currently based in Paris, I’m Uruguayan and have developed my professional career internationally, working in international trade, sales and business development in Uruguay, Chile, Spain, Australia and Switzerland, for varied companies and industries.

On a personal level, I’m a traveler, fuelled by movement and change, inspired by nature, art, books, people stories.

My work journey

I used to work in international sales and started working independently after a challenging period of my life.

My professional change was a natural consequence of mainly two reasons: I couldn’t stand keep working for companies that had values, a mission and working styles, to which I didn’t adhere or relate. Also, I realized that in my past, I had always put all my passion in my personal life creating an imbalance that at the end lead to dissatisfaction. This made me understand that personal and professional fulfillment are equally important to live in harmony.

Personal development

Coaching showed me that almost everything is possible. Human capacity to change, to grow and evolve is enormous.

After getting my Coaching certificate I decided to continue my education in personal development and I have taken different courses and assisted to conferences in subjects such as emotional intelligence, assertive communication, personal leaderships and entrepreneurship.

The results I have experienced personally and with my clients are deep and positive. I have found that these tools can empower and can help everyone to evolve to another level. I hope personal development will be included in schools and universities as part of their curricula.

Women leadership

My work focuses on women, because I want to see more women leaders globally and I believe it is our time to take space, to make our voices heard, to be the next generations of leaders, in order make a more sustainable, human and fair society.

My message to you:

If you want to change something or to pursue a dream or a project, work hard for it and do it without thinking about your age. The time is always right when the desire exists and if you wait, you can wait forever.

Make your own rules, when the system does not allow you to deploy your passion.

Take responsibility for your life and your happiness.

Invest in yourself: educate yourself continuously.

Pursue your financial freedom.

Do no let fear win.

Look for help when you need it, it means you are courageous