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Coach de vie à Paris

About me

I’m Marianela, Uruguayan, passionate traveler and engaged human.

I believe in the power of individual impact, in our capacity as humans to change and evolve and that – if possible-  everyone should perform an activity where they feel fulfilled in some way. I also believe that the world needs a more balanced leadership where us women feel represented, respected and empowered.

Through my work, as a certified Coach I work with passionate women who want to advance in their careers, to boost their strengths and leadership and to define and accomplish new entrepreneurial projects.

The “why” of my work and what makes me get up happy every day starts in the alignment of my main values: freedom, justice and passion. My mission is that my clients achieve their life and professional goals, that they build the strength and the courage to be whomever they decide, that they dare to go as far as they dream, and that they perform a professional activity that satisfies them.

My journey

I got my degree in International Relations in Uruguay because I intended to work abroad, and change the things I didn’t like through my work. But diplomacy was not what I expected and instead, I developed a career in international sales and trade across different countries (Uruguay, Chile, Spain, Australia, Switzerland), while at the same time, I collaborated with associations and small NGOs, for causes that concerned me which gave me great satisfaction.

But at some point in my life and career I felt I had to do more. Following a profound introspection period, after losing two of the most important persons in my life, I decided to make a big change. I left my job and the city I was living at that time and decided to perform an activity that made sense for me, not on the weekends, or when I had extra time, but everyday. 

Many decisions where taken and I moved to Paris, becoming a Professional Coach to use coaching as an effective tool for change.

Why women

My mother is a brilliant woman who had to choose family over work, regretting afterwards not having the financial independence she needed to make her own decisions. This made me understand that financial independence is the key and the starting point to be free. And that women shouldn’t be forced to choose family or work.

I have also realised that many women (in different countries) have everything they need to succeed in any industry or task, but have been led to believe they cannot. Through my work I aim to change this. I want to guide women to be financially independent and to be leaders of their lives and communities. To contribute to a more balanced world leadership, where we all feel represented and benefit from the decisions of our leaders.

My message to you:

If you want to change your life or to pursue a dream, work for it. Do it without thinking about your age or time. As the time is always right when the desire exists. If you wait, you can wait forever.

Take responsibility for your life and happiness and live according to your own values.

Invest in yourself and pursue your financial freedom

Make decisions with your heart every day and believe that through your work and the passion you put into it, you will contribute to make the world a better place.

Look for help when you need it, it means you are courageous!