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Coach de vie à Paris

About me:

I am a Uruguayan traveler, coach and entrepreneur, passionate by nature, books and  women empowerment.

In 2004 I left my country to experiment living out of my comfort zone and to know myself and my true capabilities. After that I lived and worked in Chile, Spain, Australia, Switzerland and France.

After being an international business developer for more than 15 years, I became an independent coach for women in 2015, to perform a job that I love and that is aligned with my values, my desired lifestyle and my passion.

Through my work, I want to inspire, guide and empower women to define and accomplish their business projects and to dare to dream big.

In the following paragraphs I describe my transition and why I do what I do, in more detail.


I spent the last 15 years in different countries, traveling and working as an international business developer and volunteering for small NGOs, to fulfill my need of helping others (where my true interest was).

As I was not passionate by my job, at some point and without realizing I started focusing all my attention in my personal life: my husband, our trips and life together, a situation that eventually created a profound imbalance in our lives.

The transition

When years later two extremely sad events happened ( I lost my father and my husband and I divorced) a new chapter started for me that made me rethink everything.

At almost 40, I asked myself how I wanted to live the second part of my life and which was the lifestyle I wanted to create for myself?

I realized how much I had neglected my career and the fulfillment that comes within. I gain consciousness of the pressure I had put on my husband, expecting to obtain things from him that he could not give me. I understood I shouldn’t expect to obtain happiness from other people or external situations, as it really comes from the inside. My happiness was my responsibility and I had to create it for myself.

I decided to take some time off, explored some business ideas while traveling and thought about my life priorities, my values and the job I would love to perform.

Discovering personal development

At the end of that introspection period, I met a life coach and we did amazing work together. I understood that there are many ways of helping and contributing and that when you don’t find your dream job, you can create it!

Coaching and personal development opened for me the door to the one-way road of self-knowledge. My coach guided me to find the right answers that were in myself, to achieve concrete results and facilitated my change.

The process confronted me with my profound needs, and made me take responsibility for my life and fulfillment. I realized ignoring my needs doesn’t make them magically disappear and it impacted my life and the life of my dear ones.

I also learnt that focusing all my passion in one area of my life while neglecting others was not positive, and sooner or later it would affect me and the people around me. Balance is the key.

I wish I had had this understanding and this kind of help before, and that everyone could access it as well.

Why I am a women coach?

I grew up in Latin America in a world of men where I felt never represented by its politicians, or its leaders. In a world where women were educated to be perfect, to comply and to be the best at everything. In exchange of lower salaries, non recognized work and a little bit of consideration. In a world that lacked of women leaders and role models. And not because there weren’t examples, but because their achievements were just not recognized.

As I grew up, I became confronted and always wanted to change this situation. I used to tell women they were enough, my mother, every woman I met. Always trying to encourage my friends to accomplish their dreams. And I realized it was not enough.

That’s why I started working as a Coach. To inspire, guide and empower women to be whoever they decide and to be professionally autonomous. 

My message to you:

If you want to change your life or to pursue a dream, work for it. Do it without thinking about your age or time. As the time is always right when the desire exists. Do it while you are alive. If you wait, you can wait forever.

Take responsibility for your life and happiness.

Live according to your own values.

Pursue your financial freedom.

Invest in yourself, in your future and your education.

Look for help when you need it, it means you are courageous!