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Coach de vie à Paris

Who am I?

Passionate, curious, global, nature lover and an idealist who acts.

My story:

I grew up between Montevideo and Punta del Este, in Uruguay; where I studied International Relations and languages, in order to travel the world and work in an international organization to make an impact.

But finding a job in an international NGO was not that easy. I got a job in a magazine, then in a bank, got an MBA and at 26 realized: that life was not what I wanted.

When after a couple of years the bank closed, I realized it was a “now or never” moment to accomplish a lifetime dream. I left Uruguay with 2 suitcases to experience the world and to be out of my comfort zone in order to know myself better and learn what I was capable of.

Santiago de Chile, Sevilla, Madrid, Brisbane, Geneva and Paris followed, where I live now performing a job I love.

Still dreaming, still idealist and adventurous, still working for my dreams.

Creating my own happiness

After I left Uruguay I enjoyed my lifestyle. I was traveling often, discovering different cultures, experimenting, renewing myself, living adventurously. I had many jobs, most of them sales related, while at the same time I volunteered for locals NGOs in my free time, to fulfill the need of contributing and making a positive impact.

But, in the long term, feeling this “emptiness” at work, created an imbalance in my life. Without realizing I focused all my passion, attention and expectations in my personal life: mainly my partner and convinced myself about the fact that performing a job I didn’t care didn’t matter, as long as I was making money and I had my family.

But life always surprises us. I lost my father the same year my husband and divorced, and consequently I lost my job and my apartment.

I was at zero. A new era started for me that made me rethink everything.

My eyes stopped looking outside and around and started looking inside. What have I made, what do I have, what I have created for me, who’s going to support me now? Where some questions I asked myself.

I realized how much I had neglected my career and the fulfillment that comes within. I gain consciousness of the pressure I had put on my partner, expecting things from him that were my responsibility. And I understood I shouldn’t expect to obtain happiness from people or external situations. My happiness was my responsibility and I had to create it for myself.

Almost one year later, I left a temporary job I had, and the city where I’ve lived for the last 3 years and took time off. I traveled, I explored some business ideas and thought about my life priorities and the future and lifestyle I desired.

At the end of that period, I met a life coach and we did amazing work together. I came to the conclusion that there were other ways in which I could make the impact I desired, and that when you don’t find your dream job, you create it for you.

I eventually moved to Paris, learnt French, became an entrepreneur, got a degree in personal and professional coaching and started working with women who desire life balance and professional and financial autonomy.


Coaching and personal development opened new perspectives for me. It helped me achieve concrete results and it facilitated my change. I wish I had asked for this kind of help before and that everyone could have access to it.

It has taught me that while it’s great to live in the present, is better to act with purpose, which is not the same than being constantly reacting to situations.

It confronted me with my profound needs, and made me take responsibility for my life and fulfillment.

I learnt that focusing all our passion in one area of our lives while neglecting others is not positive, and sooner or later it affects us and the people around us. Balance is the key for happiness.

Why women

I grew up in a contradiction. My parents always told me: no matter what you do, be happy and financially independent. That’s all that matters to us.

But my mother, as well as many other women in Latin America, was not emotional or financially independent. And she left many dreams behind, and suffered due to that.

Being a woman hasn’t prevent me to achieve my goals and dreams, but discrimination, sexism, injustices, have put me in situations I’d rather not to be and it has prevented me to be myself, many times.

I want every single young and adult women to be 100% themselves every day of their lives. Performing whichever activity they choose, with confidence. And I want direct my competences, experiences and passion towards that goal.

My message to you:

There’s no perfect time or age to start changing or to pursue a dream: you can do it while you are alive.

Work and fight for your dreams: they are worth it.

Put passion in every area of your life.

Take responsibility for your life and happiness.

Live according to your own values.

Pursue your personal and financial freedom.

Look for help when you need it, it means you are courageous!