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Coach de vie à Paris


I was born and raised in Uruguay, between the calm pace of Montevideo and the force of the Atlantic Ocean.

After finishing studies in International Relations and getting an MBA, I worked a few years in a bank and realized that this was not the lifestyle I wanted for me.

I then took an opportunity to accomplish a lifetime dream: I left Uruguay to travel and experience the world; to be out of my comfort zone in order to learn my true capabilities and to know myself better.

Along these wonderful years many things have happened.

I lived and worked in six different countries, learned languages, enjoyed different cultures, met amazing people, radically changed my career and found life balance.

I see my life as an adventurous trip where I will always pursue my dreams and my happiness. I don’t believe in another form of existence.

Now through my work as a personal life coach and consultant, I work with women who have a strong desire to accomplish their goals, projects and dreams, becoming leaders of their lives.


Many! The more relevant professionally speaking: performing a job with a positive impact, women empowerment, nature, art and happiness as a way of life.


I got my degree in International Relations with a goal of working in the humanitarian sector. But life offered other opportunities for me and I developed a career in international sales, while volunteering with locals NGOs at the same time.

While I loved my lifestyle, traveling and discovering different cultures, I always wanted to make a radical professional change. Nevertheless, I had chosen to put my focus and passion in my personal life, as at that time I couldn’t find another way of helping and contributing asides from volunteering in my personal time.

This situation radically changed, when I had to overcome two successive extremely hard life experiences and losses, that made me think differently about my future.

Only then, I understood that it was not good to put my focus in my personal life (only) while neglecting other areas of my life such as my carrier. And also, that I shouldn’t expect to obtain happiness from external situations or people. My happiness was my responsibility and I had to work it from the inside out.

Almost one year later, I left my job and the city I’ve lived for the last years and took some months off to travel. At the same time I explored different pending business projects and thought about what really mattered to me and the future and lifestyle I desired.

At the end of that introspection period, I met a life coach and we did amazing work together. Through our collaboration, I realized that I was ready for a change and that there were many ways in which I could make the impact I desired through my work, combining my life passions and my experience.

I then became an entrepreneur and got a degree in life coaching. Since I encourage and guide women to pursue their goals and dreams, to build a life that has meaning for themselves and at to lead their lives.


Personal development opens new perspectives, delivers concrete results and facilitates change.

It’s great to live in the present, but it’s better to do it with a direction: more acting with purpose than just reacting.

Focusing all your passion in one area of your life while neglecting another is not positive, not for you nor for the people around you. Balance is the key.

We must listen to our inner voice, be honest with ourselves, and take responsibility for our happiness, without waiting for it to come from outside.


There’s no perfect time or age to do anything: do it while you are alive.

Work and fight for your dreams and objectives: they are worth it.

Live according to your values and not according to what people expect from you.

Pursue your personal and financial freedom.

Change is possible at any time.

Be kind, positive and expand your positive energy.

Put your passion in every area of your life

Look for support when you need it, it means you are courageous!